We are a legalized moneylender company in Malaysia was founded our business on 2001. Our company main purpose and vision is “Well Prepared Anytime, provide professional financial consult and guidance services”.

Senang-Senang Online Loan provide multiple of low interest loans, for citizen Malaysia only .which are: business loan, personal loan and mortgage loan. Other than that, easily make application on online, flexible installment plan will help to grow your business and solve your personal financial problem. “For Business, for personal, we can help and give solve financial best solution."

Provide Variety of Financial Plan

  • Business Loan

    Business development needs the correct strategy; Bulk/acquisition needs efficient management of goods; Bank, credit loan or other loan business requirement transactions fast and convenient

  • Mortgage Loan

    Mortgage loan is a form of financing capitalist. The borrower must provide documents before apply and make sure that particular properties asset is the owner. Once done settle borrower may redeem the collateral

  • Maximum APR and Repayment Range:

    Fixed rates range:

    3% - 18% tahunan

    Maximum APR and Repayment Range::

    2 - 60 bulan

  • Cheque Exchange Cash Service

    Provide a reasonable rate of exchange cheque for cash, reduce costs & taxes business, to achieve business short, flat and fast.

  • Personal Loan

    Borrowers can be the simplest is guarantee of safety examination and approval get fast cash and multiple repayment plans.

  • Calculation of Total Loan Cost:
    Total loan + (months x 1.5%)

    Amount of credit MYR1000 borrowed for 6 months:

    =RM1,000.00 + 9%